‘Twelve years later, here I am as the CEO’ – Annette Maughan speaks with Angelina Nugent

Annette Maughan Chief Executive Officer CEO of Moy Valley Resources IRD Community development company in North Mayo and West Sligo
Annette Maughan, CEO, Moy Valley Resources IRD

Chief Executive Officer of Moy Valley Resources IRD, Annette Maughan and Western People columnist Angelina Nugent met recently and the result was an engaging conversation published in the Western People about Annette’s role in the community development company.

Moy Valley Resources IRD was founded in 1990 to address the economic stagnation and high levels of emigration in the Ballina, North Mayo and West Sligo areas. It is a community-led, not-for-profit company.

‘I’ve been CEO since 2019’

Native of Termon, Co. Donegal and one of the family of nine, Annette came to live in Co. Mayo. Her professional background is in horticulture, landscape design and entrepreneurship. However, the economic downturn of 2008 and subsequent years brought about a career pivot. A chance viewing of a Moy Valley Resources IRD Community Employment supervisor advert caused Annette to apply for this position … and the rest of history.

The career path that Annette travelled in Moy Valley Resources IRD prior to 2019 involved a broad range of undertakings in this varied organisation.

‘Community development is anything that will add value to … the region’

Annette explains that the work of Moy Valley Resources IRD – community development –

… is anything that will add value to living in, working in or visiting the region. Most of our projects are based within the North Mayo area and what we call the Moy Valley region, which goes from Foxford up to Ballycastle, and Belderrig in the west, and over as far as West Sligo.

We take in quite a big area, but then we also run the Mayo Volunteer Centre, which is a countywide project. 

‘You’re concentrating on the outcomes’

Asked about her motivation, Annette reflects on the nature of working for a not-for-profit and community organisation. There is inspiration in the work itself and its potential impact on the place in which we live.

You’re not working for money, really, you’re not working for profit. You’re concentrating on the outcomes. You’re concentrating on the impact, and that’s far more powerful than anything.

There’s that sense of satisfaction that what you’re doing, there’s nothing really selfish about it. It’s very much about the community. It’s about the people and the region and the area.

The above descriptions are taken from Angelina Nugent’s interview with Annette Maughan published in the Western People, print edition, on 21st April 2024.

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