Moy Valley Resources CE scheme participants celebrate achievements

Moy Valley Resources Community Employment Scheme participants marked the formal start of a new CE Scheme year at an event in The Kennedy Glasgow Centre, The Quay, Ballina last week.  

The Moy Valley Resources Community Employment Scheme is the largest CE scheme in North Mayo, and the participants were thanked for their outstanding achievements during the past year by Moy Valley Resources CE Supervisor Jacqueline Kinsella and Assistant Supervisor Martin Conmy.  

Members of the board of Moy Valley Resources also attended, as did Department of Social Protection Community Employment Development Officer Lorraine Lee. Jacqueline Kinsella welcomed all and stated that the next twelve months will mark the last year of a three year cycle.  

Community Employment Training Opportunities

Both Jacqueline and Lorraine Lee pointed to the opportunities that the CE scheme offers participants in the form of training that is available to them in the field of their professional interest. The benefits of training were highlighted, with CE participants aged under 55 required to complete a minimum of two training modules if they wish to undertake a further year of CE employment and achieve a major award.   

Ms. Kinsella said: “Upskilling or developing one’s professional capabilities can be achieved locally via the MSLETB (Mayo, Sligo and Leitrim Education and Training Board) in Ballina or participants can undertake training modules online. This investment in one’s own training can lead to achievement of a major FETEC award.   

“Several CE employees in Moy Valley Resources have completed their employment with a major training or education award that enhances their professional skills,” she said.  

Moy Valley CE Scheme’s contribution to the region

Chairperson of Moy Valley Resources, David Dwane said that he was proud that Moy Valley Resources was the sponsor of the largest Community Employment Scheme in the North Mayo region.   

He thanked all the organisation’s Community Employment participants, pointing to the enormous work that they carried out collectively in 2022-23 in their various work placements. He said that they have contributed greatly to the organisations they work for, to the locality and to the wider North Mayo area. He acknowledged their professional development through experience, training and the element of social interaction.  

The Moy Valley Resources CE Scheme provides roles in projects and programmes as diverse as Hope House FoxfordBallina Chamber of Commerce, Mayo North TourismSuifinn Way, Lacken Enterprise Centre, Craoibhín and Ballina Fringe Festival.  Mr Dwane said: “Community Employment participants make a very large contribution and difference to places like North Mayo. Sincere thanks for everything you do for Moy Valley Resources and your community. I am looking forward to our work together in the year ahead.”  

He also complimented Lorraine Lee from the Department of Social Protection on her support and advice.  

Moy Valley Community Employment 2

Retirement of Martin Conmy, Assistant Supervisor

Tributes were paid to retiring Assistant CE Supervisor, Martin Conmy, who has been in the role since 2019. Presentations were made to Martin on behalf of Moy Valley Resources by Jacqueline Kinsella, and, on behalf of the board, by David Dwane.  

In reply, Mr. Conmy said, “I wish to echo Jacqueline’s point in relation to training. There are many opportunities for training and acquisition of new skills available to everyone who participates in CE in Moy Valley Resources. I’d like to encourage everyone to consider availing of them.”  

“I’ve met so many people of different professional backgrounds, ages and interests who have joined the organisation through community employment since I’ve worked here. I wouldn’t have met such diverse people otherwise and it was a real pleasure”.  

The Moy Valley Resources assembled group enjoyed light refreshments at the conclusion of the morning’s formal meeting.  

Opportunities in Community Employment

A variety of opportunities exist for community employment within Moy Valley Resources. Vacancies are advertised, when available, at and If you wish to make enquiries in this regard, phone Moy Valley Resources on (096) 70905 or email .  

For information about expanding professional skills, training and education in the local area, please see the Mayo, Sligo and Leitrim Education and Training Board website at