Ballina Self Storage

Ballina Self Storage is a safe and convenient option for storing items during home renovations or rebuilds, for commercial (non-food) products or any other storage need.

Storage units varying in size from 25sq ft to 200 sq ft are available. 

How it works:

  • The unit is secured by a monitored alarm, CCTV and coded access.
  • A monitoring company monitors the facility out-of-hours for 24/7 security.
  • After booking a unit and signing a contract, the tenant provides a lock for the door of the unit they rent and is responsible for their property within the unit rented.
  • Access to the facility is available from 9am to 5pm Monday to Thursday, and 9am to 4pm on Fridays by prior arrangements with the Moy Valley Resources caretaker on duty.
  • Drive-in access is available. 
  • Contracts may be made for any period of time not less than one month.
  • All tenants are required to pay a deposit of three months’ rent in advance which will be repaid (by bank transfer) when the unit has been vacated and remains in the condition in which it was rented.
  • Notice of at least two weeks should be given prior to vacating the unit.
  • A tenant must take out their own insurance such as domestic contents insurance (this is similar to house insurance and covers similar insurable losses).
  • Restrictions apply to flammable, dangerous or other specific items e.g. perishable food, drinks or heavily soiled items/tools.
  • Please note that the he facility is not heated, it is ventilated. 
  • A Contract of Agreement must be signed prior to contents being stored and a direct debit set up as the preferred method of payment.
  • A 10% reduction on the cost may apply to long-term storage with Direct Debit payment only.
  • Tenants must contact the Accounts office in Moy Valley Resources (096) 70905 to inform them of when they are vacating the unit and must cancel their own direct debit.
Call the office in Moy Valley Resources for more information on Ballina Self-Storage.
Ballina Self Storage Facility